Organic Business Leadership Course

Why do we offer this course?

Organic businesses face a challenging period. Explosive market growth, tightening regulation and control, growing interests of multinationals and corporations, societal demand with critical citizens and the ongoing effects of the climate crisis offer us challenges as well as opportunities. To deal with these, organic businesses must stay in the lead.

This course is designed for those who are new in organic or already work in organic business and desire to expand their knowledge, expertise and network.

What do we aim?

Aim of the course is to create organic business leaders who can represent and promote the organic values and principles, challenge the persistent myths on organics and do so with leadership and authority.


What will you learn?


The OBLC Basic course takes attendees in 5 afternoons to organic from its history to its future. Every course offers 50% knowledge transfer and 50% interactive group work in smaller groups of 4 people.

In the course we address the following chapters:

Knowledge transfers and group work

  1. The Why, What and How of Organic Agriculture

  2. The Regulations and Standards: Why Standards?, ICS, PGS and Trade Agreements

  3. The Organic Market and Movement: Growth, Value-Supply Chain, Society, Consolidation, Consumers, CSA Initiatives

  4. The Organic Mission and Vision: Organic 3.0, True Cost Accounting, Food Systems, Advocacy and Lobbying

  5. The Organic Leadership: Global Movement, Capacity Building and Guest Lecture on Sustainable Leadership

Myth busting

Per session we reflect on 1 out of the total 5 most persistent myths and framing strategies toward organic:

  1. "Organic cannot feed the world."

  2. "Organic is only for the happy few."

  3. "Organic is not as sustainable as believed."

  4. "Organic products are residue-free."

  5. "Organic is safer and healthier than..."

The study materials and certificate

Attendees are expected to prepare the meetings by reading the required literature.
Additional in-depth readings, such as position papers, scientific articles, and reports are distributed after each meeting via our Dropbox account. Attendees receive an official Certificate, signed by the Organic Business Leadership Academy.


After this leadership course you can...

  • represent, promote and lead organic businesses

  • become an inspiring and educating expert within your own organization

  • challenge the most common myths about organic

  • critically reflect on organic movement, the market and its businesses

  • participate in further development of the organic movement

Where and when?


The course is held at a central location in the Netherlands. 


5 Thursday afternoons:

21 October 2021

28 October 2021

11 November 2021

18 November 2021

2 December 2021






What are the costs?


The costs for the total of the 5 afternoons are € 1.250,- per person. This includes the lectures, presentations, literature and in-depth articles after the course and a final Certificate. Drinks, snacks and small meal after every course are included. 50% must be paid in advance; the remaining 50% after finalization of the course.

How do you apply?


You can directly apply here.